Geography and track record

About company

VEMA S.A. has 25 years of experience, including experience in the field of reducing
greenhouse gas emissions and introducing energy efficient technologies at the enterprise
industry/state level, while operating in 5 countries.













How the company developed

Company experience for 25 years

2022 → 2015

Active support of VEMA KIDS project in Ukraine, development in the sector of renewable energy, modernization of energy infrastructure in the gas and water industry, first registration under voluntary projects.


During work in Ukraine, VEMA S.A. came up with a critical situation in the field of rehabilitation of children with special needs, with certain central nervous system damage, including those with autism. There was a severe shortage of programs and specialists, thus, VEMA S.A. together with its partners created in Ukraine a program in which, the rehabilitation and socialization of children with disabilities and various central nervous system damages can be possible.

2015 → 2013

Trading in emission reduction units

2014 → 2010

Registration of more than 70 JI projects in Ukraine, development of projects in Turkmenistan, Greece, Tunisia

2009 → 2007

The company actively begins the development of JI projects according to the Track 1 procedure


Company receives for the first time a letter of approval for the methane utilization project in Ukraine according to the Track 2 procedure

2010 → 2005

The company actively begins its activities in the environmental sector on joint implementation (JI) projects, the company's specialists introduce the specifics of work on the methodologies of CDM and JI mechanisms into JI projects in Ukraine


VEMA S.A. was founded in 1994 under Swiss law and registered with the Swiss Chamber of Commerce, with a focus on the energy and environmental sector.

Our team

Qualified specialists


specialists in VEMA CARBON team


years of experience ganed team specialists in ecology, energy, legal, project managment sectors for the last 12 years

with 50

experts in various fields as well as with research institutes and scientific organizations our team cooperates

While working we place the best world's expert experience in the sector of climate change at the core of our work to save a clean planet for the next generations.

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